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Quality Control Manager

Ballybrit Upper Industrial Estate, Monivea Road, Galway, Ireland

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Are you passionate about ensuring excellence in every aspect of a company's operations? Do you have a knack for maintaining impeccable document control and expertise in ISO standards? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you!


Quality Control Representitive Tasks:

Developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive quality management system based on ISO standards.

Overseeing and managing all quality-related activities to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

Conducting regular audits and assessments to identify areas for enhancement and recommending corrective actions.

Collaborating with cross-functional teams to foster a culture of quality excellence and employee engagement.

Handling document control, ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and version control of crucial documentation.

Keeping abreast of industry best practices and regulatory changes to update our quality management system accordingly.

Qualifications: To succeed in this role, you should possess the following qualifications: 

Proven experience as a Quality Manager or similar role with a track record of success in ISO implementation and document control.

In-depth knowledge of ISO and their practical application.

Strong analytical skills and a keen eye for detail to identify areas for improvement.

Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to collaborate with teams and convey quality-related information effectively.

Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously.

Certification in quality management (e.g., Six Sigma) would be an advantage.

How to Apply: Send your resume detailing your relevant experience and achievements to

Join us on our journey of excellence! Apply now and be a vital part of our commitment to superior quality print and customer satisfaction.

About the Company

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