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Quality Assurance Manager

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Ballybrit Upper Industrial Estate, Monivea Road, Galway, Ireland

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

The QCR will implement inspection and test plans for each project. They will maintain and distribute accurate drawings and red line corrections throughout fabrication process, maintain quality control records, documents and logs.


Quality Control Representitive Tasks:

Updating and maintaining current ISO paperwork including:

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPS)

  • QC check lists

  • Change to documentation log

  • Corrective and preventive action report log (CPAR)

  • Training records

  • Maintenance records for equipment

Confirm that the latest revisions are accurate and being implemented as expected.

Be responsible for internal audits annually

Audit each area for:

  • Weak points in the process. Highlight potential failure nodes in the systems.

  • Highlight areas for improvement, recommend resolutions and document the advantages of the changes.

  • Cover all areas required by ISO

External audits annually from Medical clients

  • Maintain reports

  • Evaluate any recommendations and their implication on quality and productivity

  • Respond to non-conformances, if any.

  • Respond and liaise with clients on resolutions on the above.

Chair the management review meetings annually

  • Implement resolutions to CPAR reoccurances.

  • Examine recommendations and their implications on quality and productivity.

  • Cover all areas required by ISO.

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